Denton Baptist Association is a network of diverse, autonomous churches working together to plant new churches, equip and nurture one another, and engage in cooperative ministries for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. 



The Identity Statement for Denton Baptist Association expresses the essence of our values, our mission, and our vision.
The long-standing values of the Association are expressed in three key words or phrases that are each tied to the local churches that compose the Association.

  • diversity
  • autonomy
  • working together (cooperation)

The interactive mission of the Association has a foundation of three major points of contact.

  • planting new churches
  • equipping and nurturing one another
  • engaging in cooperative ministries 

The focused vision of the Association is to provide an environment of resources and cooperation that enhances the effectiveness of the network of churches in fulfilling the Great Commission primarily in the Greater Denton County Area, but extending to the farthest regions of the earth.