Churches Start Churches

DBA requires that every new church plant have a church sponsor.  Every sponsoring church is encouraged to meet certain expectations held by the Partnership Team.


Sponsor Church Checklist:

:: Pray as a staff and congregation about sponsoring a new church

:: Contact DBA to gather information about the expectations for a sponsoring church

:: Determine other partner churches and denominational affiliates

:: Determine geographical or target group of people to be reached

:: Enlist a church planter

:: Participate in a Resource Discovery Meeting

:: Continue to assist the new church start in implementing their Church Start Plan

:: Designate the church representative to participate in quarterly review meetings.



Expectations for a Sponsoring Church

A sponsoring church serves as the first in line for assisting a new church plant in encouragement and accountability. There are several expectations that are held by those outside the sponsoring church but often go unspoken. To keep lines of communication clear, many of those expectations are provided here:

:: Have a vision for seeing the new church begin and be successful

:: Involved in the selection process of the church planter

:: Decides early in the process about whether to send a selected core of their membership       to help start the work or to encourage anyone who would like to go to do so

:: Contributes financially to the monthly support of the new work

:: Meets regularly with the church planter for encouragement, prayer, problem solving, and    accountability

:: Offers expertise and experience from staff and membership Proudly acknowledges the
   new church as part of their legacy

:: Celebrates and worships with the new church on selected occasions such as baptisms,
   anniversaries, etc.