Protect our Children

Today as never before, churches are in need of checks and balances to help provide the best workers for their congregations.  In a recent article in the Baptist Standard, the author cited an incident where a volunteer with children was identified as a convicted sex offender.  The ...

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The First 60 Days

During the first two months of my service at Denton Baptist Association, I have seen diversity and cooperation among our churches and ministries. Since I arrived on the job, I have visited with 17 pastors and staff. Some have served in their church for 25 years and others only a few months. One ...

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Complete Leadership

Several years ago I was in a mentoring group hosted by a well-known Church of Christ Minister named Lynn Anderson. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from my Church of Christ brothers. During one of those meetings Dr. Anderson asked a friend of his to come and talk to us about ...

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Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

Robert Frost has long been my favorite poet.  There is something about his writing that draws me and allows me to reflect upon my own physical and spiritual journey.  Perhaps his most memorable poem is The Road Not Taken from which the words of this article are found.  In brief ...

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Be Alert

We live in a world of alerts.  Weather alerts are perhaps the most familiar to us as they warn us of approaching severe weather. Terrorist alerts have become more common and are high on the radar screens of those who travel the world. Amber alerts always catch our attention because they ...

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