Leadership Training 2018







8:00 Registration/Refreshments
8:30 Opening: The Good News Comes with a House Key – Brad Williamson
9:15 Session 1
10:45 Break
11:00 Session 2
12:30 Conclude


Course Descriptions


CEU CREDIT: Brain Development: What Every Teacher Needs to KnowMary Ann Bradberry

You won’t believe how quickly the brain develops, even before the age of five. This conference will help you learn to set the best course of teaching appropriate to the developmental stages of preschoolers.

CEU CREDIT: Boys and Girls Do Learn Differently!Mary Ann Bradberry

What sets boys and girls apart in an educational environment? Learn practical tips to help both genders grow and develop in this helpful preschool conference.

CEU CREDIT: Preschool: Weekday Workers, Part 1 and 2 – Christy Butler

What every child NEEDS everyday and safety measures in your classroom/ministry.

How to Teach Preschoolers, Part 1 and 2Caroline Poe

Together we will walk through the preschool learning environment, age group capabilities, and address approaches in how preschoolers learn. This collaborative effort necessitates sharing your best tools from teaching preschoolers and allows you to add some great tools into your ministry tool box as well.



Seeing the Child Behind the BehaviorJocelyn Kendall (repeated both sessions)

Ever wonder why kids act the way they do? Come to this class with Licensed Professional Counselor Meredith Zahorsky and get a glimpse of the child behind the behavior. Meredith’s experience In play therapy and family counseling give her insights that will help you better understand and empathize with the kids that push your buttons.



Encouraging and Emboldening Leaders of KidsRhoda Addison

Learn how to encourage adults to be a part of leading and serving the future generation of the Church.

Creatively Getting Kids in the WordRhoda Addison

Discover creative and fun ways to encourage kids to fall in love with God’s Word.

God Loves You and Wants You in His FamilyStephanie Bright (repeated both sessions)

Sharing the gospel with kids in a very clear yet simple approach.



Teaching for Spiritual Transformation According to their Development: Puberty is God’s Idea!Dr. Adlin Cotto

Understanding adolescence and its impact on how students learn will help you teach toward spiritual transformation.

Teaching Students: Connected but IsolatedDr. Adlin Cotto

Enhance your teaching ministry by understanding what is behind the students’ constant devotion to social media and attachment to their phones.



Developing a Healthy Team: Recruiting, Retaining & Releasing Volunteers David Adams

Explore key biblical passages to help you excel at equipping volunteers for ministry.

How to Be a Better FacilitatorDavid Adams

Learn five ways to reframe your role and make disciples more effectively.

Catching Fire: Igniting the Gospel in Your Small Group – Parker Wallace

This session explores a Biblical framework for healthy small groups passionate for Christ. It will explore how small groups should spend their time, what should be emphasized, and what are markers for a healthy small group.

(Small Group)2: Multiplying Your Small Group – Parker Wallace

This session highlights both the importance of and how to develop a passion for small groups growth and multiplication. It explores the philosophical and practical steps needed to implement active small group growth.

Reaching and Engaging Men in Church-life Matthew Harding (repeated both sessions)

How does the church effectively reach men in today’s society where sports, career, and leisure reign supreme for men in our culture?

Blessing Your Community – Jim Mustain (repeated both sessions)

Learn hands-on, best practices to engage with a new era of community openness, ushered in by societal woes, leaving neighborhoods hungry for a church on a mission and Gospel opportunities found in the Jesus model of being a good neighbor.

Brains, Minds, and Bible Teaching – Rick Yount

The recent revolution in neuroscience reflects ancient biblical admonitions regarding learning. See how these discoveries both validate and encourage our work as teachers of the Word.

Thinkers, Feelers and DoersRick Yount

Teaching all types.

Apologetics: Defending the FaithLeighton Flowers (repeated both sessions)

In an era of increasing skepticism toward Christianity, being equipped in Apologetics is crucial to reach out with solid and convincing reasons for our faith. Participants will become better equipped  to define and defend Christianity in effective ways.

20-Something MinistryStephanie Gates

Engaging and connecting with 20-somethings (specifically college students and singles).

Meet Generation ZStephanie Gates

A glimpse into the next generation and helpful hints on engaging them with the Gospel.

Social Media: The Tip of the Spear for Daily Word DeliveryDr. Steven DavidSon (repeated both sessions)

The local church faces its greatest challenge in Church history. The minute by minute exposure Satan offers through desk-top computers, tablets, and mobile devices represents a sin-offensive on steroids. In this session we’ll share how we can turn the tide.