Peer Network

The Peer Network for church planters consists of a luncheon every other month.  The purpose of this gathering is to bring church planters together so that they share their best practices and their current dilemmas.  As relationships develop through sharing and fellowship, it is the prayer of Denton Baptist Association that church planters will be in contact with each other far more often than the scheduled lunches.  


Schedule for Fall 2013

Date Time Location

Wednesday, Nov. 20 11:30
Don Camilla's Italian Restaurant, Corinth


Monthly Report Form

Provide all information requested on the Monthly Report Form and submit to DBA.


Planter Resources


Application |  Peer Assessment

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Peer Network | Affiliates


Contact Information


Denton Baptist Association
1406 N.Corinth St. Ste. 408
Corinth, TX 76208

Morgan Malone
Executive Director