Bibles and Study Helps

The following books/booklets are available “for the taking” for individuals in Denton Baptist Association. Joe and Rynell Novak are downsizing and want to pass along these study aids to those who will be able to use them.

The books come from many years ago, up to the present day.  We know in this day and time that books in print are not needed, since so much is available online. But having a book in print in your hand may sometimes be preferable.


New Testaments

  1. KJV; miniature 3”x4”; no date, but at least 50 years old; moderate condition
  2. The Twentieth Century NT, a translation into Modern English, Part I – The Five Historical Books; 5th Edition, 1900; 254 pages; poor condition; belonged to A. Novak, 1904-1974
  3. The NT in Modern English, Richard F Weymouth; no date, but purchased at SWBTS in 1954; 457 pages; moderate condition
  4. The Great News, NIV; 1BS, 987; paperback; 215 pages; has plan of salvation route in it; moderate condition
  5. Inspired Letters of the New Testament, Frank C. Laubach; Nelson, 1956; 221 pages; has personal note from a friend who gave it to us, but also has Laubach’s autograph; average condition
  6. Cowboy Bible, NIV; 1987; paperback; 300 pages; good condition; includes Cowboy Ten Commandments
  7. Path to Victory, an NIV Sports NT; 1998; paperback; 310 pages; good condition; has testimonies of race car drivers and other sports figures
  8. The New Life Testament, translated by Gleason H. Ledyard; 1977; paperback, 355 pages; good condition
  9. The Archivists’ New Testament, KJV; an archival arrangement of the documents of the NT; 2012; paperback; 455 pages
  10. Today’s English Version NT in Color; ABS, 1976; good condition; 435 pages
  11. The Amplified New Testament; Zondervan, 1958; good condition; 990 pages
  12. the dirtracers Bible; NASB NT,1995; paperback, good condition; 248 pages; has some racers’ testimonies
  13. NT and Psalms, KJV; ABS, 1980 (?); large print; good condition; 1032 pages

Entire Bibles

  1. The Holy Bible, KJV; Harper, red letter; used, moderate condition; 1144 pages
  2. The Holy Bible, NIV; IBS, 1984; good condition; 1970 pages
  3. The Modern Reader’s Bible, with three books of the Apocrypha; Macmillan, 1930; belonged to Hebrew scholar Al Novak; poor condition; 1733 pages

Study Helps:

  1. Hammond’s Atlas of the Bible Lands; 1950; paperback; poor condition; 32 pages (for class at SWBTS in 1950s)
  2. Then and Now Bible Maps, overlays of modern countries; 1997; good condition; 20 pages
  3. A Concise History of the English Bible; ABS, 1983; paperback, moderate condition; 60 pages
  4. The Poetic Bible, Narrative; “An instructive, pleasing and poetical presentation of Biblical stories as told by Veo Gray;” 1973, good condition, 239 pages



  1. Paperback copy of the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message; 19 pages
  2. Journal for entries (daily or as desired), titled “Direct Me in the Path of Your Commands, for There I Find Delight”; leatherette binding; new
  3. The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ; trans by Joseph Smith; 1981; paperback, good condition; 780 pages