Biblical Training for Ministry
DATE POSTED: 07/24/2017  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

Formal Bible training for 1st and 2nd generation Hispanics presents a challenge for many in our Association, as most Bible training tracks require post High School education. Dallas Baptist Association is providing one tool for Hispanics to progress in their Bible training through its Basic Course in Christian Ministries.

Starting the 2nd week of August, Dallas Baptist Association’s Hispanic Seminary will offer the first of four 6-week training sessions during the first semester curriculum at El Camino Baptist Church in Lewisville for Hispanic Baptist partners in Denton County. The semester will include (2) additional one-day seminars at its main campus in East Dallas.  The second semester of studies will pick up after a short break.

Topics in this 1st semester include:

  • Exploring the Old Testament
  • Exploring the New Testament
  • Basic Theology
  • Using and Understanding the Bible

The topics of the 2 one-day seminars will be:

  • Basic Apologetics
  • Sharing the Gospel with Catholic Friends

The cost of each 6-week session is $50, while each one-day seminar will cost $20. All training will be provided in Spanish.

We encourage you to participate by praying for those who will be going through this training.

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