DATE POSTED: 11/30/2020  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

Vida Victoriosa Tioga participated in the annual “Tioga City-Wide Garage Sale” a few weeks ago. They reached out to their sister church in Prosper that meets on the campus of Prosper’s First Baptist Church to ask for donations. Members of FBC Prosper were generous. As Hispanics from the sister church came by to pick up | Read More

DATE POSTED: 10/31/2020  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

Two months ago I wrote about penguins exploring a photographer’s backpack and related this to my exploring and unpacking Biblical truth and divine wisdom in ways that will effectively expand God’s kingdom with those I serve. I would like to apply this specifically to making disciples. When I think about making disciples, I do it | Read More

DATE POSTED: 08/30/2020  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

This morning’s Bing daily wallpaper shows some curious penguins in Antarctica coming across the photographer’s equipment. While three of them stay in the background looking on, two others are inspecting the camera, and the one in the foreground is interested in unpacking the photographer’s pack. As a relative of mine would say, “There’s a devotional | Read More

DATE POSTED: 07/01/2020  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

As we process a specific phase of racial reconciliation brought on by recent events in our country, I would like to offer a personal perspective on cultural and ethnic elements that relate to my own associational ministry work with the Hispanic population in Denton County.  I offer this perspective in broad strokes with the hope | Read More

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