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DATE POSTED: 04/17/2018  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

New Name
The DBA Family Gathering has been renamed Serve Together in order to better communicate the opportunity of collectively serving our community and our world. The past two years, our association has worked with Heaven Sent Ministries to participate in the Hunger Challenge packing project. This event, which is held at Camp Copass, has proven to be a highlight for many of our churches. People of all ages and stages work together filling bags with rice, spices and nutrients to provide a family of six a healthy meal.

The food we packed the first year was sent to Kurdish refugees in Iraq. Last year the food went to the hurricane ravaged country of the Dominican Republic. We have been told this year that the food may go to Jordan where it will be distributed to refugees in the area.

In 2018 we are going to focus most of our attention on the Hunger Challenge pack-a-thon. We hope to double our efforts and pack twice as much as we did last year. Our goal is to enlist more volunteers of all ages and stages to help pack. Imagine the following scenario with a table of six volunteers serving together:

  • A six year old child scoops out a cup of rice and pours it into a plastic bag
  • A teenager dips a spoon into a package of nutrients and pours it into the plastic bag
  • A senior adult places a spoon into a flavoring bag and then pours it into the mixture
  • A young adult takes the bag and then weighs it
  • The bag is given to a young man in a wheel chair who places the bag in a sealer that glues the bag together
  • Finally, an elementary age child takes the bag and places it in a box and seals it with tape
  • Boxes are loaded on a truck that will transport the food to an airport where it will be sent to an impoverished country.








As we prepare for this event on Sunday, October 7, we need your help in the following ways:

We need churches, individuals, small groups, and Sunday School classes to help financially by purchasing boxes of food. Each box will provide 250 meals and costs only $65.

We need volunteers from churches to help us pack. We will have two packing times: 3:00-3:50 p.m. & 4:00-4:50 p.m.

As mentioned above, we hope to double our efforts and pack twice as much as we did last year. In order to do this we need to hear back from churches and volunteers regarding an estimate of the number of boxes you will sponsor and number of volunteers you will bring. This will help us determine if we will have the funds and man-power to double our efforts. Please contact the DBA office with your estimates by May 15. Contact or 940-498-5200 with your estimates.

New Opportunity
This year there will be a second hands-on mission project that will meet needs locally. We are partnering with Mission Denton to help decorate bags that will be distributed during their Christmas outreach. When people are not packing they can take part in this project.

New Facility
Camp Copass has a new area called The Patio that will be used for fellowship and meals. This new addition will allow for a smoother and more flexible meal time for participants. Rather waiting until 5:00 p.m. to begin serving the meal, folks will be able to enjoy their meal much earlier. And in case you forgot, the meal is FREE to all attendees. The association will provide hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings.

As always, groups can enjoy all the outdoor activities of Camp Copass which include: miniature golf course, Gaga pit, Human Foosball, Disc Golf, Bazooka Ball, Sand Volleyball, and Basketball.






Don’t forget to contact us with your intent to partner with us so we can Serve Together!

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