Partnering leads to salvations
DATE POSTED: 11/16/2016  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

by: David Crane

picture5 picture2 picture3 picture4Recently two of DBA’s Hispanic churches had the opportunity to partner with First Baptist Church, Denton in its annual Elves Shelves program this Christmas season. Life Fellowship Baptist Church, led by pastor Rafael Natividad and FE: A Baptist Ministry, led by José Mata helped with registrations.

Elves Shelves, which started in 2005 with Pastor Jeff Williams and Children’s Minister Christy Butler, has grown from a focus on one school to a focus on an area larger than the city of Denton, touching the lives of 469 families this year.

Because many of the families that enroll each year are Hispanic, Missions Minister Doug Giles requested help from the DBA in walking them through the enrollment process in their heart-language. Twelve volunteers from Life Fellowship Baptist Church and FE: A Baptist Ministry, were trained to counsel each head of family on physical, emotional and spiritual resources available to them.

Paul Juarez, Director of First Refuge Ministries, trained each volunteer the same way counselors at First Refuge are trained to present the Gospel. God blessed this effort mightily. Of the 155 adults who gave their lives to Christ during the registration process, 127 were Hispanic.

Join us in praying with Life Fellowship, FE: A Baptist Ministry and First Baptist, Denton as they follow up all of these decisions and build relationships with each of the families involved this Christmas Season. God be praised!


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