Church Unique: A Strategy Planning Model for the Church
DATE POSTED: 08/30/2016  |     |   Category: Church Planting, Friend to Friend, Leadership, Pastors

For the last two years, I have been struggling with two questions for our association. First, how can I help our existing churches become more effective? Second, how can I help a new church plant to succeed? Throughout this time, I have been looking for two different solutions to each of these questions. It was my opinion that each could not be answered by the same strategy.

In April of this year, I experienced a personal epiphany. I was privileged to attend a seminar that utilizes a technique from the book Church Unique, by Will Mancini. The plan focuses on the strengths of the church. The church is encouraged to ask the question, “What is it that our church can do that 10,000 cannot?” This type of planning helps to affirm the value of each local church, and assists the church in identifying what they do well in bringing the Gospel to a dying community. It answers the question, “What is unique about the local church?”

51AUDHA2sSL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_While going through this training, I realized that the principles taught in Church Unique were also applicable for a new church plant. Each planter starts with a desire to plant in a certain area. The Church Unique material helps the planter develop the skeleton of the mission, values, strategy and measures of the new church. These conclusions then enable the planter to develop a short term and long term vision.

Through this training I realized that the material could be used by any church whether it was brand new or has been in existence for many years. The reason this material is applicable for such a large grouping is because it focuses on the church’s uniqueness. There are 3 steps a church will take to discover its uniqueness.

  1. Local Predicament
    In preparation for their own skeleton and vision, each church will look at their local community or as Mancini calls it their Local Predicament. The pastor and leadership will determine what is unique about their area.
  2. Collective Potential
    Once the unique aspects of their community are determined, the team will then focus on the church’s Collective Potential. A church’s Collective Potential is determined by looking inside the church to see the make-up of the congregation. This is determined by understanding the specific gifts and talents of people in the local church.
  3. Apostolic Esprit
    The local church will look at their Apostolic Esprit. Here the team will answer the question, “What is our church passionate about?”

These three components will then help the local team to determine what one factor makes them unique. It will answer the question, “How does a church expand the kingdom in this community?” Working through this process will assist the church in identifying their uniqueness.

This training helped me to understand that this tool had an application for the existing church and the newly planted church, and both types of churches would benefit from this material.

Now that I have received the Church Unique training, I would love to assist your church in determining its uniqueness in the community. Contact me, Morgan Malone, so we can schedule a meeting to discuss the process. Please know that my goal is to serve your church to help it to be more effective in expanding the kingdom of God.


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