DBA Church Multiplication Strategy
DATE POSTED: 02/25/2020  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

Demographers tell us that by 2024 Denton County will cross the 1 million mark in population. These same individuals continue to say that this number will only continue to increase. In order to keep up with this growth, Denton Baptist Association has developed a church multiplication strategy called Send North Texas (SNTX). It is comprised of six components and is designed to work in cooperation with churches to plant new churches.

The graphic below illustrates our pipeline:

Recruit– The recruiting process begins with talking to churches, colleges, seminaries and other parts of the nation to find those individuals and couples who will be interested in planting in our area and around the world. Notice the section labeled recruiting is a larger than the next two sections of the graph.

Assess– Once we have recruited candidates, they will be assessed. This is accomplished through a cooperative effort between local churches, our association, Collin Baptist Association, and the North American Mission Board.

The assessment process has several components:

  • The candidate couple will fill out a Church Planter Individual Assessment. This includes a personality test, a reference check, a background check, a marital satisfaction instrument, and a church planter questionnaire. When all these components are completed, the North American Mission Board compiles the information, scores it, and sends a complete report to the leaders of the assessment team.
  • If the candidates have a high enough cumulative score, they are invited to attend a two-day Assessment Retreat. While at the retreat the couple will be evaluated in the areas of leadership development, emotional health, calling, communication, disciple-making, family dynamics, and spousal agreement. At the conclusion of the retreat, the couple will be given one of three ratings: green – ready to plant; yellow – ready to plant with some conditions; red –  probably not best suited to be planters. This process of assessment has enabled us to identify couples who are called to this ministry. Not everyone that has been assessed will move toward equipping which is the reason the graph is smaller in this section of the pipeline.

Equip – The equipping phase is a 12-month process where the candidates meet with other potential church planters twice a month for training. The facilitators for this training are pastors and staff members from our association. During this phase, the candidates are employed on staff with a local church and mentored by the senior staff.  Several retreats are provided for the husband and wife to be encouraged and challenged during this phase.

Plant – Following the assessment and equipping, the candidates move into the planting phase. Church planters will continue to work with their sponsoring church who will assist with finances, coaching and potential core team development. The new church plant will also receive financial help from the association during their first three years of planting.

Coaching– From the time that the church is planted in North Texas, the planter will receive customized coaching from trained individuals.

Multiplication – All of our new church plants will be challenged to plant a church by the fifth year of their existence. If all our church plants and existing churches intentionally move to this cycle, real multiplication will happen, and we will be better positioned to reach those who are moving into our area.

If you know of someone who is interested in church planting, please encourage them to get in touch with our association or direct them to visit the SEND North Texas website: www.sendntx.org.

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