Discovering A New Mission Field
DATE POSTED: 09/30/2019  |     |   Category: Church Planting

By: Matt Burk, Church Planter

This past October, it became necessary for me to become a bi-vocational pastor and pick up a part-time job to help make ends meet. I was initially very discouraged in having to make this change. However, in God’s providence, I discovered that my place of employment was a mission field. We live in a day where the fear of World War 3, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings could occur at any moment. Many are bound in sin, hopelessness, and hurting. As I began this new journey, I had no plan nor a strategy other than to begin to build relationships with those that I worked with and to look for opportunities to share the Gospel. I do not want this short article to be about me but instead a reminder of what God can do.

In July, four people where I work made a profession of faith. Through the discipleship process, I encouraged them to share the Gospel with others and tell them why they made the commitment to follow Jesus. As a result, many more have heard the Gospel. One of the greatest joys that I have experienced is observing a Christian who is excited about their salvation, taking bold steps to share the Gospel, even in their limited knowledge. The word has spread that I am a pastor, and the new Christians are sharing the Gospel which has opened other doors for conversations and ministry. On two occasions I have been called by the managers to minister to individuals contemplating harming themselves.

Over the past few months, I realized that when I was “just a pastor” most of my relationships were with professing Christians and I knew very few lost people. By becoming a bi-vocational pastor, God moved me into a mission field. As I look at our world and all the unknowns and uncertainties, I am confident of two things: Jesus, and a Gospel that truly has the power to save.


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