Elf Shelves 2017
DATE POSTED: 10/20/2017  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

As First Baptist Church, Denton prepares for its 2017 Elves Shelves ministry, Hispanic disciples are needed to help translate, pray with and connect the Gospel to Spanish-speaking families who sign up to participate.

We need bi-lingual disciples who are willing to go through an orientation and then participate in up to three sign-up days: Thursday, November 9 (9am-1pm, 4-7pm); Friday, November 10 (9am-1pm, 4-7pm); and Saturday, November 11 (9am-12pm). Shopping days for those who sign up will be December 8 and 9.

Last year, bi-lingual disciples from Life Fellowship Church and FE Baptist Church participated in the registration process and saw 127 Hispanic adults pray to receive Christ as their Savior. Several of these families are now active members in their churches.

Please contact David Crane: 940-703-8066 or david@dentonbaptist.org) now to get more information in time to participate in the up-coming orientation for this wonderful opportunity to be used by the Holy Spirit to minister to others and plant the seed of the Gospel in their lives.

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