For Such a Time as This
DATE POSTED: 08/31/2020  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

At our next Pastor’s Luncheon on Wednesday, September 9, I will be reviewing an excellent book entitled, One Blood: Parting Word to the Church on Race and Love. The book was written by Dr. John Perkins a great man of God who has spent his life in pursuit of reconciling people to God and to each other.

John was an early civil rights spokesman, who has the wounds to prove his convictions on this issue. Throughout his life he has been a strong proponent of God’s solutions for man’s problems.

He describes his book as his last word on the Church and Race Relations. His book, written in 2018, speaks to the tension that pervades America when it comes to race relations. He offers a history of how we got here. He then shares about his own pilgrimage as a young man in the 1940’s growing up in Mississippi. He states, “I had learned to hate the white people in Mississippi. I hated their control over our lives. I hated them for killing my brother, Clyde. I hated them for refusing to see me as a person deserving of respect just because I was a human being. I had so much hate! And if I had not met Jesus I would have died carrying that heavy burden of hate to my grave. Jesus reminded me though that I could not be selective about who I would share his love with.” With these words Dr. Perkins then paints a picture of how he was then able to forgive.

Through Dr. Perkins pilgrimage toward forgiveness, he challenges us to forgive as well. He calls on all believers to practice this Christ-like quality. He describes forgiveness “as the linchpin of reconciliation.” He recognizes for many it is a process or journey that we must travel. For some the journey is short and for others it is long.

John also reminds us that as we practice forgiveness, it leads to reconciliation. Reconciliation in turn leads us to unity. Unity leads to society seeing us as followers of Christ who are different because of the blood of Christ.

You and I need to put into practice what John talks about in his book. Cities and counties need to see a diverse group of churches working together to share the gospel. I encourage you to come and be a part of this timely review and discussion on Wednesday September 9 at 11:45 a.m. We will gather at Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant, Corinth, and will practice appropriate social distancing. For everyone who pre-registers I will provide you with a free copy of Dr. Perkins book.

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