God's Provision In God's Timing
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Grant Bowles

In Experiencing God, one of the lessons emphasizes that when God is at work, He will provide and provide at the right time. God’s Table and First Refuge Sanger are prime examples of this truth. God’s Table began around seven years ago by providing a hot meal every Monday evening. Prior to COVID, the meal was served in the gym of FBC Sanger with an average of 30 community members attending. The meal was prepared by four teams with each serving once a month. Since COVID the meal was adjusted to a drive-up service, with a couple of individuals still eating in the gym due to housing situations. We now serve around 130 meals every Monday. God has provided for this ministry in amazing ways. We have budgeted money for this ministry every year, but to date those funds have never been used. Much of that money has come from community members who heard about the ministry and gave the church a check. Just before the end of 2020, an individual we had never met walked into the church office and wrote a $2,000 check for Gods Table!

God’s Table opened our eyes to an even greater need in our community as well as God’s timing. FBC Sanger owned a house that had become vacant when a Spanish-speaking church who had been using the space bought another building. We prayed and discussed how to use this house but had no clear answers. In the meantime, a church member asked me to visit First Refuge in Denton. As I walked through the door, God spoke clearly to me and told me this was His answer for that house. At the same time, Texas Health Resources provided a grant that fit our community perfectly. We partnered with First Refuge, the City of Sanger and the local school district on a major grant which would be used to fund First Refuge Sanger.

First Refuge Sanger began by providing a monthly food distribution at the church. This served as a test to see if there was a need. The numbers proved there was a need. When First Refuge Sanger opened at the house, there was an average of 30 families the first two months. When COVID hit, the numbers jumped to 300 families needing help with food. First Refuge Sanger also provided free medical services and counseling. It wasn’t long before God opened another door. A FREE grocery store was opened in Sanger ISD schools and is operated by students – the first of its kind in the nation. This work has been featured on multiple local and national news sites.

God’s Table and First Refuge Sanger were God’s plan. God’s Table opened our eyes to the need, preparing us for an even bigger work through First Refuge. Helping families with food insecurity, medical and counseling is wonderful work, but something even more important has occurred: Sanger community members have heard the gospel and responded to the life giving message of salvation found in Jesus!

When we find where God is at work, He will provide and do way more than we could ever imagine. Find where He is at work in your community and join Him there.

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