Going Deeper
David Crane

I have found a common theme developing in and around me this year as I participated in various DBA ministries. I call it “going deeper.”

This theme was cultivated through training conferences, Hispanic Bible Institute courses, books I’m reading, and the fall sermon series in my home church.

Training Conferences
DBA offered two different training workshops in coaching. The emphasis of this training was to develop on-going intentional conversations which empower both coach and coachee to fully live out God’s calling in their lives.[i] I identified personal growth goals that allowed me to open myself to others to explore ways to move forward. I am learning to craft questions instead of sharing opinions and tackle areas of difficulty by exploring them from different angles. The goal is to have conversations that move Kingdom purposes forward in my life and the lives of those I encounter.

Hispanic Bible Institute
I am excited about the opportunity to dive into the second-year course of the Hispanic Bible Institute. Translated into English, the book’s title is Profound Changes: When the Gospel Transforms the Desires of the Heart.[ii] Using the image of an iceberg, the author explores case studies that analyze visible actions and desires that motivate what is on the surface and correlates these with Scripture. We are exploring the differences between superficial and deep changes, our inability to change deeply, and how Christ works with us to bring about foundational changes for His glory.

Book Study
Personally, I have begun reading the new book The Revolutionary Disciple by Jim Putman and Chad Harrington[iii]. Pride is an issue for me, and I am examining what the authors say about working Biblical humility into five spheres of my life: abiding in Christ, my relationships in the body of Christ, at home, in the political and work arenas, and in the spiritual realm.

Church Involvement
As members of Cross Church Denton, my wife and I lead an on-line growth group in our home. We are privileged to dive deeper with our group on the sermon topics adapted from the series Emotionally Healthy Discipleship by Peter Scazzero.[iv] We are discussing what it means to go from shallow to deep discipleship, how to be before we do, and how to grow in our perceptions of emotional and historical awareness. Each week God guides the conversation, and we find the confidence to share areas where we are stuck and pray with each other throughout the week. It’s exciting to return the following week and see how God is at work in our lives!

For me, going deeper in my walk and faith has occurred because of my involvement with others in the body of Christ through the association. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Denton Baptist Association!

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