Helping the Immigration Problem
DATE POSTED: 10/01/2019  |     |   Category: Missions

By: Bill Purcell

How can we as Christians in North Texas help solve the illegal immigration problem and still abide by the law as the Bible tells us?

Church on the March, near McKinney is doing both. They are ministering to the people of Guatemala through their own Guatemalan ministers and Christians. Church on the March is led by Ted Lindwall, who lived and ministered to Guatemala for 45 years. He partners with Carlos Diaz, the Guatemalan program administrator. They work with 37,000 children in three Central American Countries. Church on the March provides food and funds to indigenous Guatemalans, the poorest of the poor. One example of their outreach is in, El Hormiguero, the Ant Hill, where 50 or so families are squatters on an old rubber plantation. Working through the local church, Church on the March provides constant funds for the food which the locals then prepare, deliver and serve to the children of El Hormiguero.

Church on the March also provides Bible-based educational materials, which are used in the children’s public school curriculum.  The children then take the material to their parents, who read it and help them with their homework. The leadership of Guatemala greatly values the results of a Christian based curriculum, and there are far more requests for the curriculum than Church on the March can supply.

North Texas Christians can help with the illegal immigration problem (at least from Guatemala) by addressing the source: poverty, hunger, and ignorance which spawn hopelessness and frustration, creating gangs like MS-13.  Feeding the hungry and providing Bible-based education help expose the lie of social justice warriors which has enslaved and impoverished other countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Bolivia.

North Texas Christians can exercise enlightened self-interest by helping ministries like Church on the March, knowing that God’s word will not return void and will help eliminate the need to leave one’s native country for a better life. This, then, abides both: observing the law and loving our neighbor, to the glory of God!


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