Holy Spirit Directed Innovation
DATE POSTED: 03/27/2020  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

One of the great things about living in America has been a spirit of innovation. When people struggled with a difficulty, innovators worked to find a solution that was  beneficial and helpful.

Today the world faces one of those difficulties. The COVID-19 virus has brought our world to an abrupt halt. People have been forced to slow down, stop, and seek shelter and solace in the comfort of their homes. At the same time it has provided the opportunity to explore our neighborhoods and meet needs.

The local church has also been forced to think of new ways to communicate with their members and be the salt and light in a dark world. With this in mind, I want to propose five steps the local church could begin to implement in order to fulfill our mission as believers:

  1. Evaluate – Many churches have already spent countless hours evaluating what can and cannot be done. Knowing they cannot meet physically in a building, they are discovering new ways to minister. A variety of solutions have been implemented, yet there is a deeper evaluation that must take place. Church leaders now have time to evaluate their local church according to its purpose, mission and values. Begin by reviewing your current documents and determine if they need to be updated. If your church has not created a mission and values document, now would be a good time to start that process. I would suggest reading Church Unique by Will Mancini for guidance.
  2. Clarify – As leaders evaluate, they must then clarify what is really important. I can remember several years ago making a list with my staff of all our church did in a given year. We separated items into areas such as worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, and ministry. Through this process it became apparent what was still fulfilling its purpose and what was not. The areas not fulfilling their purpose were either adjusted or eliminated. In order to remain relevant, leaders need to clarify their structure and activities to make sure they contribute to the mission, purpose and values of church.
  3. Imagine – If clarification is done properly, some aspects of the mission, purpose or values will be discovered that are not being met. This would be a great time to imagine how the church could begin dealing with them. Use this time to imagine how to help individual members engage their community with the Gospel given the constraints being placed on them. Imagine how Jesus would want us to communicate the Gospel to the world. This is a great time to imagine.
  4. Implement – As the leaders move to this phase, it will become apparent what needs to be implemented. Some things to process in this phase will involve development of the curriculum or process, creating a system to distribute the information, publicizing it, enlisting helpers and ultimately doing it. Recently, I read of a church that demonstrated creative implementation. They challenged their members to prayer walk in their neighborhoods with a goal of collectively prayer walking 10,000 miles in their city. It will be amazing to see how leaders in the local church prayerfully implement Holy Spirit driven opportunities to share the gospel and equip the saints for service.
  5. Post Evaluate to Improve – As local leaders implement new strategies, it is important that each of these innovative ideas are evaluated in light of the mission, values, and vision of the church. This process will lead to some modifications of these new plans. Once the virus passes, the church may need to work through the process again making sure that they pay close attention to what needs to be brought back into play and what needs to be put on the shelf.

Let us remember that God called each member of the local church to be innovative in sharing the gospel and helping others grow. The message of the gospel is timeless, even in a pandemic.

For more information on aspects of this strategy, check out Will Mancini’s daily video. https://auxano.com/betterfuture

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