Hospital Visitation

With the rise of COVID-19, there are protocols and rules that we should all be aware of when we desire to contact our members in the hospital or have loved ones in the hospital.

  1. In many cases, hospitals have instituted restrictions on who can go into the facility. Some are allowing an immediate family member to be present. In other cases no one is allowed admittance.
  2. For both hospitals, surgery centers and doctors’ offices, the new waiting room has become the personal vehicle in a parking lot. The facility will get the phone number of the contact person and stay in touch with them. The contact person is to stay outside waiting for updates and information regarding when the patient will be released.
  3. For those infected with the COVID virus, in most cases, no visitors are allowed. If the infected person dies, no physical contact will be allowed before or after with the deceased.

As ministers, we will need to think through the best ways to help our people deal with these new rules. Some loved ones will be very angry when they are confronted with these rules. When this happens, be ready for it. Ask the loved one what causes them to be frustrated about this new rule. Allow them to express their anger. On some occasions the new rules may cause the individual to become angry with you. In this case they are transferring their anger to you. Recognize this for what it is. They are not angry with you, just the lack of control they feel over the situation. As a minister of God you are called to rise above the verbal abuse.

More than ever, as ministers we will need to take advantage of the telephone. Several ministers have said that they have seen an increase among their member’s willingness to answer and talk on the phone. Take advantage of this revival in communication.