IMB Missionaries to Macedonia
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-Jeff, Amy, Maggie, and Kaleb Williams


Amy and I arrived in Skopje, Macedonia in 2007 and then, after language school, moved to Prilep, a city with no active church reaching Macedonians.  From 2007 to 2016 we worked through creative outreaches and evangelism to help start a new church in the city, as well as in the broader area. Along the way, our two children were born.


How long does a seed stay active?  That’s a question we often ask ourselves. In Prilep, we became close to a family that lived just one street over. As the relationship grew, we started talking about spiritual truths and ethics. Our neighbor began to tell me a story about when he was a teenager, which was over 25 years ago. He was walking back from the local park and a car with Croatian plates stopped and asked for directions to another city.  Before they left, the couple in the car asked if they could give him a gift and left him with a New Testament that was printed in the Macedonian language.  He showed me this small New Testament which still looked new. I asked him if he thought it was only by chance that out of all the people in his city, he would be the very person at that very spot to help this couple and then receive this book.  He did not think it was by chance and he felt God probably wanted to him to have this book. I asked him, “Well, do you think you should read it?”  This was the start of him reading the Bible and slowly being challenged with the truth of God’s grace. Please pray for him as he continues to grow and is challenged by the Word.


In 2016, as national brothers in Prilep matured in leadership, we felt led to move back to Skopje to start a new church.  We approached an existing church to send out a national partner to join us in beginning the new work in a district named Aerodrom.  This district has around 150,000 people, and is growing, especially among young families.  We’ve learned so many lessons on ministering in an urban area and are continuing to learn.


Over the past few years, God has opened many doors in reaching out to families using family-focused outreaches.  These have proven to be an effective way to bridge the Bible with everyday issues. We’ve also been active in the fields of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training throughout the country.  A new area we are focusing on is an on-line media project which will include finding spiritually open people and connecting them to trained national believers for in-person follow-up and grouping.


  1. Pray:
    1. The evangelical community is small but pray they would be bold and passionate to evangelize, make disciples, and start new groups.
    2. Most Macedonians are Orthodox Christian on the outside but, in their hearts we find a mix of everything: agnosticism, belief in new-age energy, and even atheism. Materialism is a huge obstacle, especially with the younger generation. Pray that their eyes would be opened to the truth.
  2. Partner:
    1. Over the past few years, we’ve brought over volunteer teams to run family focused ministries, partnered with smaller churches across the country for evangelism, facilitated leadership training with national brothers and sisters, and led in other outreaches and evangelistic efforts. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with the IMB in Macedonia or other parts of the Balkans, please contact Jeff Williams at

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