Legacy Gift Given to Denton Baptist Association
DATE POSTED: 09/19/2018  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

On Sunday, September 9, Denton Baptist Association received two checks from First Baptist Church, Tioga totaling $140,000. These funds have been designated for use in the area of church planting. They have also given their property and buildings to DBA.

Tioga’s gift was the culmination of several conversations that began in the early part of the summer. Following the resignation of their pastor, who served the church faithfully for several years, the leadership began to explore their options for the future:

  1. Call another pastor
  2. Merge with another congregation
  3. Dissolve and give their assets to another non-profit

I explored each of these options with the leadership. Conversations occurred with several churches regarding the possibility of a merger.  Members discussed the potential of hiring another pastor, but ultimately the membership decided to dissolve and give their assets to the association.

The church treasurer, Jo Davis, shared with us how scripture led to this decision. In the parable of the talents in Matthew 24:14-30, each person was given the responsibility to use the talents God gave them. God provided the church with money and assets that could be used for church planting or depleted in some other way. Giving the funds and property to the association would be the best use of these assets (talents) leaving a legacy for the future.


Their gift to DBA is an answer to many prayers. Several ministers and leadership in our association have been praying for funds to assist with the development of the SEND North Texas Denton County: Church Multiplication Center.  This center, as described below, has six components: recruitment, assessment, training, planting, coaching and multiplying. Each of these aspects will have expenses, and the funds FBC Tioga has provided will be used in each of these areas to help start new church plants in Denton County. What a blessing this small flock is to the kingdom of God.

The legacy of First Baptist Church, Tioga will live on into the future. Due to their generosity, they have begun a pattern of giving that will be a blessing to the kingdom and church planting for years to come.

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