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In January of 1886, five men sent an invitation to several Baptist churches in Denton County. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential organization of Denton County Baptist Association. Eighteen churches sent messengers to the meeting on May 29. The following resolution was offered`: RESOLVED, That we go into the organization of an association to be called Denton County Baptist Association. At the same meeting those present stated the purpose of the association. For the purpose of more widely and efficiently extending the Redeemer’s Kingdom in our midst, in Missionary Work and other lines of Christian effort. This began the legacy of Denton Baptist Association which has continued for over 120 years.

Through the years our association has revised the original statement with more relevant words and objectives. These changes have been necessary to deal with a dynamic county poised for growth. Today we have 90+ churches that are part of our association. Our county is rapidly approaching 1 million people and the makeup of our population is changing as well.

Due to these changes, the DBA Vision Focus Team and staff members from DBA churches were convened in November of 2018 to take a look at our association’s purpose and objectives. Our goal was to evaluate, and if deemed necessary, formulate a new summary statement of our association. Since that time, the Vision Focus Team agreed upon a new statement and will bring a recommendation it to the Executive Board on Tuesday, August 27.

It reads as follows: Denton Baptist Association is a diverse network of churches connecting all peoples to the Gospel. This statement affirms that our association is made up of like-minded churches that represent different ethnic and language backgrounds in order that we might share the Gospel which is a central point and one that we must affirm.

We will accomplish this goal in three different ways:

  1. To strengthen churches:
    Our association will provide group training seminars that will enhance the leadership base of the church. We will provide individual consultation to member churches. We will assist churches with staff vacancies. We will help churches identify the best ways to share the gospel in their area. We desire to see our churches strengthened so that they can be more effective.
  2. To assist churches in planting new churches
    Our county is growing at an astronomical rate. It is growing so quickly that we are not able to adequately reach those moving to our county. Therefore, our association has developed a church planting arm called Send North Texas to address this need. We will strive to recruit, assess, equip, plant, coach and multiply the number of churches in our area.
  3. To connect churches in healthy ministry partnerships
    We do this through the five ministries of Denton Baptist Association: Disaster Relief, Raceway Ministries, Camp Copass, Baptist Student Ministries of TWU and UNT. These organizations help us to reach out in different ways to specific groups.

Our goal is to continue the legacy that was begun in 1886. We want to be found faithful as an association. We are a diverse network of churches that will connect all peoples to the Gospel. Help us to pursue this mission in the areas where you are located.



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