Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
DATE POSTED: 12/02/2019  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

Before coming back to the USA on Thanksgiving Day four years ago and taking on the role of Hispanic Associate with Denton Baptist Association, Joye and I were privileged to serve God as cross-cultural missionaries in the country of Colombia, South America, for 31 years.

Our financial support came through two sources: The Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. While only a percentage of Cooperative Program giving is designated for international missions, the entirety of the Lottie Moon Offering goes to support several thousand missionaries serving throughout the world each year.

It’s amazing to think that one volunteer offering can generate millions of dollars, but that’s exactly what Southern Baptists have given year-in and year-out in support of the gospel going out into all the world.

Joye and I began as music missionaries in the city of Medellín. Lottie Moon Offering funds helped provide us a house to live in, a car to get us around that city of 3 million people, schooling for our two daughters, and medical coverage for the family.

The bridge for the gospel in Medellín was music, as there was no music education in the public school system at the time. The Lottie Moon Offering provided funds to begin music education programs in each of the five churches we found when we arrived.  Joye was able to set up a piano lab that God used to train up to 30 students per week.  I was able to develop a curriculum to teach in each of the five churches.

As musicians were formed in each church, we were able to organize a regional choir that prepared special presentations for individual church outreach events. The choir also divided into double quartets to sing at home Bible studies, neighborhood schools and community events to attract neighbors to the gospel.  We learned that as long as there was music, people would stop and listen.

When the book study Experiencing God came out, Lottie Moon Offering funds helped us subsidize the purchase costs to begin individual study groups in the country. Within a few years, we saw 72 different groups form in our area of Colombia to experience God through this study. Even as we left Colombia four years ago, this book was still being used.

My greatest satisfaction, though, is going on now in Colombia. Your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering allowed me to travel with 3 key national Baptist leaders to the island of Cuba several years ago to witness first-hand God’s movement among the unreached. As a result, these leaders have been used by God to restructure Baptist work in Colombia, train church planters and multiply new churches not only among the primary Hispanic population but also among several of the unreached people groups.

You may have not known that Joye and I served as cross-cultural missionaries, but if you gave to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering you helped us tremendously to make an impact with the gospel in that part of the world. Thanks for helping us then! I hope you will continue to help other missionaries now through your Lottie Moon giving this year.

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