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DATE POSTED: 11/04/2019  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

One of the things that I have always been encouraged about as a Christian and a Southern Baptist is the foreign missions strategy carried out through the International Mission Board (IMB). This ministry has 3,700 missionaries that are assigned to different parts of the globe.

These individuals and families make up a kingdom force whose goal is to reach every people group in the world with the gospel. These servants desire to see people come to know Christ, mature in Christ, and start churches led by indigenous people who will reach the rest of their country.

For 175 years Southern Baptists have been involved in this work desiring to see all 11,756 people groups experience the gospel. Of these previously mentioned groups, 3,198 are unengaged and unreached. As a whole 1,240 groups were engaged by missionaries and teams in 2019. In addition, there were 96 additional people groups that were engaged.

Our missionaries understand that they do not have a corner on the gospel. It is important for them to work with national workers to send them out. Over 38,000 of these leaders were trained in the area of church planting. Not only do missionaries work with nationals but they also work with other mission sending agencies to make sure that the gospel is presented to all peoples.

In order for this work to continue, you and I must pray and give. The Holiday Season provides us a great way to give through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Foreign Missions. This year the goal is $165 million. The IMB leaders tell us that 100% of this offering will go to the foreign fields where it is needed. None of these funds will be used for administrative costs. If you would like more information about the IMB or the offering please visit www.imb.org.


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