Love in a Mother Tongue
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This was the title of an article appearing in the Denton Record Chronicle 10 years ago that marked the 50th Anniversary of Rev. José G. Mata’s call to the ministry.  Brother Mata (Joe) celebrates 60 years in ministry this month, and will be honored at a special service on February 24th to commemorate this significant milestone.

Bro. Mata was born and raised in San Antonio, coming to know Jesus as his Savior after a troubled life in a tough part of town. He shared, “I was just running out of control, and then I came to Jesus as my Savior. He made the difference in me.”

That life-changing experience and the encouragement of his first pastor led him to move to Waco and enroll at Baylor University with only $20 in his pocket. His faith in God’s leadership and provision sustained him throughout his undergraduate studies. While there, he pastored the Baptist church in Rosebud, TX.

In 1968, he moved to Denton to pursue graduate studies at North Texas State University. While working through his teaching fellowship, Bro. Mata began ministering to Hispanics in the Denton area.

His ministry here has spanned two congregations: First Mexican Baptist Church, which he served for 24 years, and FE: Un Ministerio Bautista (FAITH: A Baptist Ministry), which he’s pastored since it began in 1993.

Bro. Mata insists that until God takes him home, he vows to preach salvation through Jesus Christ.

In March, 2018, Bro. Mata and his congregation moved their meetings to the Green Valley Community Church building, 6515 FM 2153, northeast of Denton.  The celebration on February 24th will take place just north of their building, in the Green Valley Community Center.


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