Loving the Skeptic Changed a Life
DATE POSTED: 12/19/2018  |     |   Category: Outreach

by Dameon Madison, Pastor
The Life Community Fellowship

One of the greatest joys in church planting is watching lives change.  This has been true for us at The Life Community Fellowship Church (The Life CFC) – seeing people give their lives to Christ and walking with them from who they were to where God has called them to be.

Luis is one of those examples. 

As a millennial, skeptic, wounded young man – Luis came to us looking for something wrong. He was certain this “church thing” was a sham. But, instead of finding verification in his theory, he met the Love of Jesus through the love of His people – The Life CFC. He was awed to find a place where he was loved just as he was.  No one questioned or judged his tattoos.  No one cared that he was of Mexican descent.  No one cared that he didn’t have a bible. He was appreciated, respected and loved “as is.”

Luis decided to give this Jesus thing a try. 

He started attending worship faithfully, volunteered to help with set-up and break-down (the routine of a church plant) and has participated in Outreach. To see him go from skeptic to servant is utterly AMAZING!!! Not only do we celebrate his service, but his commitment to grow in Christ is inspiring.

Luis was one of our first baptisms at The Life CFC.  

We are excited about the plans God has in store for Luis.  As a matter of fact, we are excited about the future God has in store for all of his children. We at The Life CFC look to be that touch that makes the difference . . .


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