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DATE POSTED: 01/26/2021  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

Vida Victoriosa, Tioga:

Church members have completely redesigned the platform of the worship center to help it reflect their own personality. All the work from design to financing and finish was carried out by church members, with Germán Castillo leading the effort.







(Before Renovations)                      (After Renovations)


Denton Baptist Association, with the aid of The Crossroads Church in Van Alstyne, has just completed leveling the floor

of the training building next to the worship center. The floor went from a 3.75-inch level disparity sitting on the ground to a variance of only 1/8th of an inch completely lifted

off the ground surface.

A shout-out to Jon Potts and his team at Concrete Repair Systems for three weeks of hard work to get this done!

This building is part of a donation to the DBA by First Baptist Church of Tioga that is allowing this church plant to reach the growing Hispanic community in the area.

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