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Spring and Summer provide a great time to plan and host an outdoor ministry event. People are anxious to enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up during the cold and rainy season of winter. It is a great time to schedule and reserve the Block Party Trailer (BPT). Last year the Texas Baptists Convention donated a Block Party Trailer to Denton Baptist Association. To date this unit has been used by six different churches to support eight different ministry events. It has also been reserved for six future evangelistic opportunities. The Block Party Trailer is a great tool for reaching people and sharing the gospel.

Next BPT Training
The BPT is composed of many components, so a training to demonstrate how to properly use the trailer is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 from 9:00 until 11:30 A.M. at Camp Copass. Tim Knopps, the designer of our trailer, will be on hand to share the most effective ways that the trailer can be used. Tim comes to us having been involved with block party ministry for several years. He has worked with the North American Mission Board, as well as several state conventions and associations showing them how to use the trailer to achieve lasting success.

Secrets to a BPT Event
Tim will be sharing with us the elements of a good block party. Did you know that the best food to serve at a block party is BBQ chicken? Because it is eaten with a fork, it encourages folks to sit down at a table and eat. While people are enjoying their meals at the tables, members of the local church visit with them and share the gospel. Tim will give suggestions about where an event should be held. He will demonstrate how to unpack the trailer and set up the contents. Tim will have the participants at the training unpack the trailer, set up the games, blow ups, sound system, and tables and chairs, so it will be a hands-on training.

Attendance Bonus
Churches who participate in the training will benefit by having their usage fee waved on their first reservation. If you came to the first training back in October, send some new attendees and your next BPT reservation usage fee will be waived as well. To register for this event please contact Judge Camp.

Party Theme ABCs
Let me close by listing a few of the potential ideas for using the Block Party Trailer. I call it my ABC Party Theme List.

  • Apartment Outreach
  • Back to School Giveaway
  • Cinco de Mayo – a great way to reach a Hispanic neighborhood
  • Dog Day’s Party – have a pet show
  • Easter Egg Celebration
  • Fall Festival
  • Garage Open House – open your garage, invite the neighborhood and set up the trailer
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival – find a local balloon event and provide a booth
  • Indian Cuisine Party – a way to reach many of our Indian families moving into the area
  • Junk Sale Event
  • Kite Flying Party
  • Local Festival Outreach
  • Mobile Home Outreach
  • Neighborhood Block Party
  • Outdoor Music Concert – enlist some musicians and build an event around music
  • Park Outreach
  • Quidditch Tournament – there is such an event
  • Run a 5K
  • School Bash – schedule an end-of-school party for the kids at your local school
  • Tailgate Party
  • USA Holiday Celebration (4th of July)
  • Vehicle Show – invite classic car enthusiasts to display their vehicles
  • Whatchamacallit Road Show – invite folks to bring and display their “stuff” and build an event around it
  • X-treme Games Competition – develop your own version of X-treme games
  • Youth Ministry Party
  • Zoo Petting Party

(Please noteThe BPT may only be checked out by DBA member churches and used for events they are sponsoring.)

BPT Reservations
For application and additional information on reserving the Block Party Trailer, please click here.


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