DATE POSTED: 11/30/2020  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

Vida Victoriosa Tioga participated in the annual “Tioga City-Wide Garage Sale” a few weeks ago. They reached out to their sister church in Prosper that meets on the campus of Prosper’s First Baptist Church to ask for donations.

Members of FBC Prosper were generous. As Hispanics from the sister church came by to pick up donated items, the conversation between Anglo and Hispanic members of both churches turned to exploring other ways they might deepen their relationship to serve each other.

At the garage sale in Tioga, instead of putting prices on the items the church decided to simply ask for donations from interested people. This led to conversations that netted 50 new contacts with Hispanics in the area. Three adults received Christ and two of them have now started attending services. Donations from the sale brought in over $1,000 to be used in ministry.

After sixteen months of initiating contacts in Tioga there are now 34 new people connected to Vida Victoriosa Tioga. Eight local families and four single adults participate in discipleship. As they finish their initial discipleship each one is asked to turn around and disciple another individual.

The pastor now says that their ministry has shifted from knocking on doors to discipling new believers to take the gospel to others. This puts new disciples into relationship with other seekers.

I heard it said recently that it is in relationship that we learn to be relational. In other words, there is no substitute. Even in our COVID-19 atmosphere, God continues to enter relationship with others, and He calls us to follow His example.

This is indeed good news.

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