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In his book. The Post Quarantine Church, Thom Rainer makes the bold statement, “Churches that refuse to change will decline or even die.” (p.101) How are you and I as leaders of local churches going to respond to this prediction? Do we stiffen our necks and say no we are not. Do we say we | Read More

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Vida Victoriosa, Tioga: Church members have completely redesigned the platform of the worship center to help it reflect their own personality. All the work from design to financing and finish was carried out by church members, with Germán Castillo leading the effort.             (Before Renovations)            | Read More

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-Jeff, Amy, Maggie, and Kaleb Williams   Amy and I arrived in Skopje, Macedonia in 2007 and then, after language school, moved to Prilep, a city with no active church reaching Macedonians.  From 2007 to 2016 we worked through creative outreaches and evangelism to help start a new church in the city, as well as | Read More

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– Grant Bowles In Experiencing God, one of the lessons emphasizes that when God is at work, He will provide and provide at the right time. God’s Table and First Refuge Sanger are prime examples of this truth. God’s Table began around seven years ago by providing a hot meal every Monday evening. Prior to | Read More

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