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DATE POSTED: 11/04/2019  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

The week of October 14, I received the following report from church planters Over and Cristina Ochoa in Tioga.  I’ve changed the name of the man involved but have permission to share this praise.   Report from Over & Cristina Ochoa: “Yesterday, after the Night Out in Tioga, we witnessed the baptism of a second-generation | Read More

DATE POSTED: 11/04/2019  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

One of the things that I have always been encouraged about as a Christian and a Southern Baptist is the foreign missions strategy carried out through the International Mission Board (IMB). This ministry has 3,700 missionaries that are assigned to different parts of the globe. These individuals and families make up a kingdom force whose | Read More

DATE POSTED: 10/01/2019  |     |   Category: Missions

By: Bill Purcell How can we as Christians in North Texas help solve the illegal immigration problem and still abide by the law as the Bible tells us? Church on the March, near McKinney is doing both. They are ministering to the people of Guatemala through their own Guatemalan ministers and Christians. Church on the March is | Read More

DATE POSTED: 09/30/2019  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

As I personally reflect on some family history, I would like to share something that continues to bear fruit in Hispanic circles. In January of this year, I was approached by a Baptist pastor in Monterrey, Mexico, about an idea he had been developing with some of his colleagues. October 23 marks the 60th anniversary | Read More

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