SEND North TX Church Planters’ Assessment Retreat
DATE POSTED: 05/31/2019  |     |   Category: Church Planting

Denton Baptist Association and the CBA Church Network partnered together in April to provide the Church Planters’ Assessment Retreat. This was our second retreat with 5 couples and 1 single in attendance.

During the retreat candidates are assessed in 6 areas:

  • Leadership
  • Emotional & Spiritual Health
  • Family Dynamics
  • Church Planter
  • Communication
  • Wives

The purpose of the retreat is to encourage and help planters to know for sure if this is the journey they are to begin. It will help them see their strengths and the areas where improvement is needed. The retreat is a good time for the couple to focus solely on the church planter process without other distractions.

Couples leave the retreat with a better sense of their calling, whether that be in church planting or other areas of ministry.

The next retreat is scheduled to be in November. If interested in participating in the next retreat, contact Morgan Malone for additional information.




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