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DATE POSTED: 12/02/2019  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

As I look at the following pictures, I am reminded of our Associational mission project called Serve Together held on the first Sunday of October. We partnered with Heaven Sent Ministries who took the packed boxes of food and shipped them to Sudan.

Twenty-four churches brought a total of 393 people to Camp Copass to pack. Our churches brought people of all ages. Each church packed for a 50-minute shift. When the work was completed 32,616 meals had been boxed up.

One of those boxes was given to a young lady who carried it on her head. That one box will provide 216 individual meals. The little girl in the other picture who is holding a nutrient-filled package of rice will have a meal that yields 6 individual servings when boiled in water.

Just imagine that family sitting down knowing that they will have a nutritious meal.

Not only did our people pack food, but they gave financially as well. We had individuals and churches that gave a total of $9,280 which helped to pay for the meals that were distributed to families who desperately needed it.

May you and I continue with that same giving spirit as we approach Christmas – the celebration of God’s gift Jesus Christ, to mankind.


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