Summer Outreach
DATE POSTED: 06/15/2017  |     |   Category: Outreach, Shoulder to Shoulder

Many Hispanics in our DBA congregations have relatives living outside the USA, and summer provides the opportunity for many of them to visit these relatives in various countries.  Even though they stay in touch throughout the year through social media and phone calls, they take this travel opportunity to continue to share the Gospel with each family member.

I hear requests at prayer meetings for those whom they will be sharing Christ with and updates on the openness of these relatives to receiving Him.  Our Hispanic churches take this opportunity seriously, and some commission their members as they prepare to travel.

As you participate in summer camps, VBS, and mission trips this summer, will you also use these opportunities to intercede for those going to present the Gospel to extended family members in other countries?  They can be added to the growing number of short-term missionaries that go out from our DBA churches this summer!


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