The ABC's of a Happier Christmas Season
DATE POSTED: 11/16/2017  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

Christmas is coming! Are you dreading it or looking forward to the celebration of Christ’s birth? Over the years I have found no better way to enjoy the season than by giving to others. I’ve listed twenty-six ideas, based upon the ABCs, of ways to give and invest in others without a lot of added expense. These ideas are meant to stimulate your own thoughts and actions during the Christmas season.  (cont. pg. 2)


Ask someone to share their favorite Christmas memory.

Bake something with your family and give it away.

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Don’t complain about the music or the message at church.

Explain the meaning of Christmas to someone.

Find an international student or family and invite them over for Christmas dinner.

Give someone a hug who doesn’t normally get one.

Have patience when waiting in those long checkout lines.

Invite someone to your Christmas Eve Service.

Join with others and go Christmas Caroling.

Keep a young couple’s children so they can go shopping for Christmas.

Listen and learn about the family of your favorite waitress/waiter.

Make a donation to foreign missions in the amount of your most expensive gift.

Number the ways that God has taken care of you this year.

Offer at least one compliment each day for the month of December.

Put up a Christmas tree for a senior adult.

Quietly listen when someone is talking.

Read the Christmas story from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.

Send a card or letter to friend who has lost a loved one this year.

Take a gift to the janitor of your workplace.

Unwrap your emotional holiday baggage and let God have it.

Voice your appreciation for someone.

Watch a favorite Christmas movie with your family such as It’s a Wonderful Life!

Xplain the real meaning of Christmas to your grand kids.

Yearn to be a blessing to others, then be that blessing.

Zealously care for your neighbor.

This was the list I jotted down. I encourage you to brainstorm your own ABCs for a happier Christmas, then pick out a few to act upon this holiday season. You will be a blessing to others, and in turn discover how to have a happier Christmas.

Merry Christmas,



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