The Light of the Bible
DATE POSTED: 05/31/2019  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

There are 6,000 different languages in the world.

  • 2,000 of those have the Bible fully translated in their language.
  • 2,000 have a portion of the Bible translated in their language.
  • 2,000 languages have no portion of scripture.

Those were the sobering statistics I heard when I recently had the privilege of going to the Bible Museum in Washington D.C.  Here in this beautiful multi-storied structure we learned about God’s love letter to us. On one floor we were shown how the Bible influenced America. In another portion of the Museum, we saw how the Bible influenced the culture of the world.  We saw artifacts that confirmed the validity of the Bible.

On the top floor of the Museum, we were taken into an area that had rows of bookcases. On the shelves were different colored books. In one section were Bibles that had been translated into well-known languages. We then saw different colored Bibles that offered portions of scripture translated into different heart languages.

The final group of cases contained yellow covered Bibles.  These books had the individual names of different people groups on the spine. The inside of the books were filled with empty pages conveying that no portion of the Bible has been translated into that language. Can you imagine living in a place without a copy of the Bible in your house much less in your language? Yet over one billion people do not have the full Bible. One hundred sixty- five million do not have a single verse of Scripture.

As I walked among these bookcases, which were nine feet tall, I saw a video of the Bible being presented to a people group that previously did not have it. They received their individual copy as a prized possession. Tears filled their eyes as they held their very own Bible in their heart language.

I was reminded through this experience how I take the Bible for granted. I have at least 10 Bibles on my bookshelf collecting dust. My experience at the Bible Museum caused me to have a renewed sense of the value of God’s word in my language.

A group called illumiNations ( is working to translate the Bible. The goal of this organization is to see the Bible translated into every language of the world by 2033. To this end, the ten largest Bible translation organizations have partnered together.

The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, have invested heavily in this project.  They have encouraged business leaders and churches to participate in funding the translation. It is estimated that it costs $35 to translate one verse.

A pastor in our association led his church to consider raising funds to see the Bible translated into an unknown language. His church raised close to six thousand dollars to see three of Paul’s epistles translated. This church is making an eternal impact by shedding the light of God’s Word on at least one of the four-thousand Biblically illiterate people groups.


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