The Local Church in 2021
DATE POSTED: 12/30/2020  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

In his recently released book, The Post Quarantine Church, Thom Rainer offers some significant insights for the church. He suggests 6 steps the church must embrace in order to be successful in the future.

  1. Gather differently and better
  2. Seize your opportunity to reach the digital world
  3. Reconnect with the community near your church
  4. Take prayer to a new and powerful level
  5. Rethink your facilities for emerging opportunities
  6. Make lasting changes that will make a difference

Rainer proceeds to unpack these challenges and then he closes with a few givens.

  1. The world has changed, and it will not return to the way it was.
  2. Western culture has shifted in their views regarding the church and has become antagonistic toward the local church and Christ followers.
  3. This is a season of opportunity. Due to the pause in face to face gatherings, the local church has an opportunity to pray, evaluate and make Spirit-led changes.

One of the changes that Rainer addresses in his book revolves around gathering differently. Throughout the first chapter Thom points out that most churches have become a place for members to gather where the services, buildings and programs are primarily focused on them. Rainer refers to this as a country club rather than a mission sending unit.

He admonishes churches to take time and evaluate their existing programs and discover how they can reach out to their neighborhood. He suggests they discover needs of the community and then provide a solution. He gives an example of a church that met a need in the community by investing in washers and dryers. The appliances were placed in a room in the church building. The church then publicized to the community that they were offering laundry services on specific days free of charge. When the area opened, church members were there to greet and build relationships with those who came to use the laundromat. This provided credibility with the community, addressed a specific need and most importantly offered a way to reach people that would typically not darken their doors.

Throughout the book, Rainer offers practical suggestions. His goal is to stimulate the mind and soul with a paradigm shift to help the church in 2021.

At the next DBA Pastor’s Lunch on Wednesday, January 13, I will give copies of his book to Pastor’s and staff in attendance. I will also overview other challenges that he addresses. We will meet at the same location/restaurant, but the restaurant name is changing from Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant to Pop’s Kitchen. The address is 1400 N. Corinth St., Corinth Tx. 76208. We will meet from 11:45 – 1:00.

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