Transforming Your Community
DATE POSTED: 04/29/2019  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

“If your church no longer existed, would anyone miss it?” I remember hearing that question at a conference. The speaker wanted us to realize that the Gospel the church offers should not only transform individuals but the community as well.

DBA churches are looking for ways to be relevant and to reach their communities. To help us with this process, I have invited Scott Shepherd to our next Executive Board meeting. He is a practitioner who has implemented a strategy to help transform three communities in the Mid-Cities. His topic will be Transforming Your Community. He will share the story of what happened when First Baptist Euless asked the question, “How can we help our community?”

Scott will introduce members to a ministry called 6 Stones which was developed because a group of believers posed this question to city leaders. 6 Stones reaches out to the people of Hurst, Euless, and Bedford on a daily basis by providing food, clothing, and counseling. Every year they host a Back to School Bash where school supplies are provided to kids in the HEB area. Due to their assistance in the community, they are given the opportunity to share the Gospel story at local elementary schools.

6 Stones has learned how to get churches, businesses, and cities to work together to address code violations in the city. I attended one of these events a few years ago. It was on a Friday morning when I drove into the parking lot of 6 Stones and saw that it was full of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractor vans. I met the drivers of these vehicles and others who had come to volunteer. There must have been over 500 people. Scott rallied the troops and then sent them out. They were dispatched to houses with code violations within their respective cities. The people living in these homes were not able to fix their own homes due to their financial situations. The professionals donated their time to repair the homes and bring them up to code. Businesses donated money to pay for materials and members of surrounding churches provided additional manpower.

6 Stones is a ministry that has transformed the mid-cities. While Scott helped birth 6 Stones, he no longer works at the ministry. He continues to use his insight and expertise as a consultant on city transformation. I hope you will plan to attend the Executive Board on May 19 at FBC, Argyle, where we will learn new ways to transform our respective communities.


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