Update from Vida Victoriosa Tioga
DATE POSTED: 11/04/2019  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

The week of October 14, I received the following report from church planters Over and Cristina Ochoa in Tioga.  I’ve changed the name of the man involved but have permission to share this praise.


Report from Over & Cristina Ochoa:
“Yesterday, after the Night Out in Tioga, we witnessed the baptism of a second-generation Hispanic at Midway Church. We were invited in order to translate Jorge’s testimony to his parents and to get to know his family and help them understand how to enter into a relationship with God. Jorge’s testimony went as follows:

Every day of my life- every one of them in my 31 years- I lived without considering God and deliberately sinning in every way possible. I hated people. I was resentful, bitter, unforgiving and judgmental towards all.

Three weeks ago, God confronted me through the story of King Agrippa. All of a sudden, I felt tired of my sinful way of life and of the consequences of my sins, for they had distanced me from all of my loved ones, including my parents and family members. I decided to face God and put Him first in my life, and He has transformed everything!

Now, my only desire is that my parents come to experience what I feel and what I am living now. I have no more bitterness. I only want to love them and show them this marvelous God whom I did not know before, but whom I desperately needed without knowing it.

Today I give all my life to Him and put Him first in my life.


WOW!  His father was next to me and started wiping away tears from his eyes. His son came down from the baptistry, and they hugged each other.  Then the rest of the family joined in with them. What an emotional moment!”


Over shared the Gospel with Jorge’s father and with his mother and three brothers. All five accepted Jesus and gave their lives to Him in prayer!  How marvelous!

Let’s all pray that this family and many more Hispanics come to a transforming relationship with God through Jesus, His Son.


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