What Is In that Pack?
DATE POSTED: 08/30/2020  |     |   Category: Shoulder to Shoulder

This morning’s Bing daily wallpaper shows some curious penguins in Antarctica coming across the photographer’s equipment. While three of them stay in the background looking on, two others are inspecting the camera, and the one in the foreground is interested in unpacking the photographer’s pack.

As a relative of mine would say, “There’s a devotional here!”

I can certainly identify with each of these penguins. I am part of a wonderful Baptist heritage and continue to meditate on the words of stately hymns as I begin my morning devotional. I think it is important to remember what God has done before as I move through the present and look towards the future. In this, I do not mind looking on at change from a distance like the three penguins in the background.

My curiosity is aroused when I see new strategies being implemented with varying success as churches navigate changing times. I attend conferences, read blogs, and listen to podcasts that talk about both theory and practice for the current church.

In this, I am like the two penguins getting a closer look at the camera. I am so grateful to come across many practitioners lately who are asking hard questions and prayerfully venturing out in creative ways to reach people in a world that has changed all around them. I respect their humble attitude and concern as they approach the Throne of Grace for wisdom and courage to touch people where they are now.

These days I am finding myself like the penguin in the foreground, looking to unpack Biblical truth and divine wisdom in one of many ways that will effectively expand God’s kingdom with those I serve. I am not content to only rely on what has worked before. I do not want change for change’s sake. I do want to get a move on unpacking Biblical and spiritual principles in ways that enable those I rub shoulders with to be disciples of Jesus who build new disciples of Jesus and continue doing so until He returns!

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