Working Together to Expand the Kingdom of God
DATE POSTED: 04/19/2017  |     |   Category: Friend to Friend

For the last several months I have been meeting with a group of pastors and lay leaders from our association who are connected to different ethnic groups. Our mission has been to answer the question, “How can we work together with our diverse ethnic groups to fulfill the mission of the association?”

Called to Reach
In the course of this conversation and other conversations outside this group, I have learned a lot about our ethnically diverse churches and how they can work together.  One thing that is apparent – we all want to see people come to know Christ.  For example, in speaking with Pastor Ronnie Allen at Green Valley Baptist Church, he said that he wanted to reach the Hispanic population in a neighboring trailer park.  Through the work of his church, some kids have already come to know Christ. His desire is that someone who speaks Spanish could help expand the work.  Rafael Natividad, pastor of Life Fellowship, one of our Hispanic churches, has a burden for reaching the same trailer park. He is interested in partnering with Green Valley to reach that area. They will be developing a plan to work together to expand God’s kingdom.

Called to Help
Not only are churches working together to reach people for Christ, but others are helping them to improve their respective facilities. Mount Calvary Baptist Church, one of our African American churches, has needed some remodeling done on their building. FBC, Denton, one of our Anglo churches, called me to see if I knew of a church they could help. I put them in contact with Pastor Cedric Chambers at Mount Calvary. The staff of FBC, Denton scheduled a workday at Mount Calvary for the first week in April. On the appointed day, the staff went to work trimming trees, painting and erecting a wall inside the building.  Pastor Chambers described what they did as wonderful.

Called to Carry Burdens
We are called to reach people for Christ, to work together, to help each other, and to pray for each other. In this way we are living out the words of Paul in Galatians 6:2 where he says “carry each other’s burdens.” In order for us to carry one another’s burdens we must discover what they are. A burden our Chin churches in Lewisville face is that their children are creating gangs to defend themselves against other groups that are bullying them. A burden our Chinese congregations bear is that their children are depressed and in some cases suicidal because of the pressure placed upon them by their parents to succeed. Some of our Hispanic churches have families consumed with fear about being deported. Some of our African American churches are burdened by unfair practices or situations that have been carried out against them due to their skin color. Each of these situations has taught me that I need to get to know my brothers and sisters in Christ so that I can pray for them and help carry their burdens.

A Call to Prayer
In order for us to strengthen our resolve to work together, I am calling on you as pastors, staff and lay leaders to come and participate in our Executive Board Meeting on May 23 where we will pray together and carry each other’s burden to the Lord.  Josias Laporte, a Haitian Canadian Church Planter from Montreal, will be sharing with us about how to practice corporate prayer for each other’s church to expand the kingdom of God in Denton County.  My goal is for us to learn a little about each other and our respective churches and then spend time in prayer for each unique situation. Make plans now to attend our Executive Board meeting at First Baptist Church, Denton. This event promises to be the first of future prayer opportunities for each other as we work together for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.


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