Denton Baptist Association is a self-governing fellowship of autonomous Baptist churches that share a common faith and purpose.  The Association provides resources to its member churches in terms of planning, consulting, training, and cooperative mission projects.  The Association holds no authority over its member churches. Rather, the churches, through their Executive Board members, determine the direction of the Association.  Ultimately, Denton Baptist Association is an organization of churches offering encouragement and assistance to churches, their leadership, and their members.


DBA Office

Denton Baptist Association is a network of diverse, autonomous churches working together to plant new churches, equip and nurture one another, and engage in cooperative ministries for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

DBA Constitution and DBA Bylaws

Churches that are at least one year old may request membership in Denton Baptist Association. The Constitution of the Association clarifies membership in Article 4, Sections 1 and 2...

Q: What is Denton Baptist Association?
A: Denton Baptist Association is a network of churches linked together to assist each other...