Our Ministries

Denton Baptist Association partners with 5 ministries.
This partnership is possible because of the gifts from churches in our association.


The mission of the UNT BSM is “Know Him To Make Him Known.” We pray that through involvement with the UNT BSM, a student will grow in their relationship with the Lord and will be equipped to share the Gospel with those they encounter.

Ministry Leader

Stephaine Gates Sloan
BSM Director at UNT


BSM provides opportunities for spiritual growth, making friends, leadership, service, and missions. There are things from big events …. all the way to small groups!

Ministry Leader

Mika Sumpter
BSM Director at TWU



Camp Copass

Camp Copass exists primarily for the purpose of providing an environment conducive to Christian worship, training, discipleship, evangelism, and recreation.

Ministry Leader

Brad Springer
Camp Copass Director

Disaster Relief

The DBA Disaster Relief team provides chainsaw, shower and electronics support when they respond to disasters. We also provide local services to residents who cannot afford to hire professional arborists to do tree work and to local mission teams that need shower services during mission weeks of service.

Ministry Leader

Sam McManis
Disaster Relief Coordinator

Raceway Ministries (TxARM)

Texas Alliance Raceway Ministries (TxARM) is a Christian presence in a non-Christian environment. We are a group of volunteers who chose to serve the Lord and His people in a large venue arena. TxArm has been serving the fans, staff, competitors, and Emergency Personnel of Texas Motor Speedway since 1997 the year of the inaugural race at the Speedway.

Ministry Leader

Bret Shisler
TxARM Director

Interested in Volunteering?

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