Q: What is Denton Baptist Association?

Denton Baptist Association is a network of churches linked together to assist each other in fulfilling their unique, God-given mission, and to serve together in accomplishing ministry that is beyond the scope of an individual church.

Q: What are the main priorities of the association?

While the Association works in almost all areas that would be of benefit to the member churches, there are three main focus areas that are the drivers of the Association.  First, the Association serves as an active catalyst in helping member churches plant new congregations in the Greater Denton County Area.  Second, the Association serves as a coaching or consulting network for churches and church leaders and helps build relationships between the churches and the leaders.  Finally, the Association coordinates select ministry and mission opportunities so that churches might work together on a common task or project.

Q: How is the association funded?

Each member church is encouraged to give to the Association up to 3% of their undesignated tithes and offerings.  These gifts from the churches provide about 89% of the annual income of the Association.  The remaining 11% comes from earnings on Associational investments from the sale of a building and from endowments given by individuals specifically for church planting.

Q: Can individuals join the association?

Membership in Denton Baptist Association is limited to churches.  However, individuals may be interested in serving through the Disaster Relief Units or Texas Alliance Raceway Ministries that relate to the association.  Individuals may also choose to make a tax deductible contribution to the Association.

Q: How is the association governed?

The Association operates under a Constitution and Bylaws.  They establish an Executive Board that meets four times per year and serves as the governing body of the Association.  Every Senior Pastor of a member church is automatically a member of the Executive Board.  Churches may be entitled to additional board members based on the church’s percentage of giving.  At 3%, a church’s number of Executive Board members reaches a maximum of seven. The Executive Board is charged with determining any changes to the Constitution and Bylaws; approving an annual budget; reviewing an audit of finances every two years; hiring an Executive Director; and other normal business and ministry decisions.

Q: What does our church need to do to join Denton Baptist Association?

On the DBA website under the “Who We Are” click “Join the DBA”, there is information on requirements for a church to join and an application for membership.

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