Every DBA Church Impacting the World

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Every DBA Church Impacting the World             What does diversity in missions look like? What are the long-term implications of urbanization? What is the state of the US church? How does Gen Z think about missions? One night. Two hours. Together, begin a conversation about our future. God’s mission never changes. | Read More

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By: Bill Purcell How can we as Christians in North Texas help solve the illegal immigration problem and still abide by the law as the Bible tells us? Church on the March, near McKinney is doing both. They are ministering to the people of Guatemala through their own Guatemalan ministers and Christians. Church on the March is | Read More

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By: Matt Burk, Church Planter This past October, it became necessary for me to become a bi-vocational pastor and pick up a part-time job to help make ends meet. I was initially very discouraged in having to make this change. However, in God’s providence, I discovered that my place of employment was a mission field. | Read More

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Article provided by: Over and Cristina Ochoa – Church Planters of Victorious Life Church, Tioga For the second consecutive year in the history of Tioga, a “Cinco de Mayo” event was held, commemorating the victory of the Mexican army over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. And just as God prepared a planet, | Read More

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  Stephen & Sabrina Marshall have been missionaries in Lyon, France for 11 years. The country of France has 67 million people, less than 1% are protestant evangelicals. The protestant evangelical churches in France have a vision to start one church for every 10,000 people. In order for that vision to become a reality, the | Read More

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By Grant Bowles – Pastor, FBC, Sanger By Grant Bowles – Pastor, FBC, Sanger Growing up in Sanger I knew our community had pockets of need. During my childhood those pockets were relatively well defined and easy to see. Poverty was ensconced in two primary areas with the rest of the community fairly well placed | Read More

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– by Dameon Madison, Pastor The Life Community Fellowship One of the greatest joys in church planting is watching lives change.  This has been true for us at The Life Community Fellowship Church (The Life CFC) – seeing people give their lives to Christ and walking with them from who they were to where God | Read More

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Stephanie Gates Texas Baptist Collegiate Ministry believes that 95% of the over 60,000 Denton college students are not pursuing a relationship with Jesus. That means that 57,000 students that attend UNT, TWU or NCTC are not actively engaged in a relationship with Jesus. As culture continues to shift, we can no longer assume that students | Read More

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– Kim Broadstreet, Pastor, FBC, Ponder God has recently opened the doors to an exciting new opportunity for ministry and evangelism in Denton County.  CarePortal is a ministry that links local churches with families in crisis in their communities. Partnering with Child Protective Services, CarePortal makes known to participating churches material and financial needs identified | Read More

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This summer marks the close of my fifth year serving as your missionary at the Baptist Student Ministry – it also marks the close of my time at UNT and in Denton. This July my wife and I will be making a move to Louisville, KY, where I plan to finish my Masters of Divinity | Read More

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(The following article was written by Chris Walden, pastor at First Rock Fellowship, Aubrey.) February 12, 2017 was the launch date for Life Groups at First Rock Fellowship, Aubrey. Life Groups is a common name, used to aptly describe off campus small groups, and created to help the body of Christ do life together. For | Read More